A Revealing Look Into The Mind Of Fighter Tito Ortiz


Part 2 of MustLoveMMA.com’s reporter Susan Cingari’s candid and revealing interview with UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz.

Tito holds nothing back in this interview as he talks about his upcoming fight with Stephan Bonnar.

Also we discuss his book “This Is Going To Hurt” The Life Of A Mixed Martial Arts Champion, it’s a must read for MMA Fans.

Find out why Tito agrees he is a cat with 9 lives as well as who the one fighter is he would like to fight again.

How does he want to be remembered? And what is his secret talent?. Will he be retiring after his last Bellator? fight? What does he want to do when he does retire.

Which one of his 3 kids is planning on following in Tito’s footsteps and pursue a career in MMA?

Also did you know that one of the houses Tito lived in was haunted? Yep it’s true and he tells us how scared he was and he is not scared of anything.

Thanks to Tito Ortiz for an amazing interview you can follow him @titoortiz

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