UFC 200 Media Call-Jones & DC Trade Barbs, Brock Lesnar Returns & Mark Hunt

UFC 200 rolled out the big guns today during the Media Conference for what promises to be one of the most anticipated and watched UFC cards in a long time.

Daniel Cormier (17- 1) and Jon Jones (22-1) who will be battling it out for the light heavyweight belt and the return  of Brock Lesnar (5-3) who faces New Zealander fighter Mark Hunt (12- 10).

It didn’t take long for UFC’s biggest rivals to get going with Jon Jones insisting he is the same person as before, he just “doesn’t party like that anymore” and that his “Main goal is to make the fight look easier than it did the first time.” DC on the other hand sounding like he could not wait to get into the “octagon” and crush his arch rival seemed to want to make a point to let us know that he was not as emotional as he was when he fought Jones last time saying “Jones can be as much of a loose cannon as he wants to be in his life? Who cares?” and that “All the stuff that happened in the past is in the past. I’m going to fight for Daniel Cormier and my family”.

It quickly turned however into the Brock Lesnar show who at times was heard laughing out loud and sounding rather amused as Jones and Cormier duked it out on the phone. Lesnar who said he had not really ever stopped training in MMA “any chance I got to grapple, do BJJ or hit mitts I did it” said he knew Hunt was a better striker but he was a better grappler. Hunt responded with “I look forward to dancing with Big Brock on July 9th”

Watch Cormier vs Jones and Lesnar vs Hunt -Saturday July 9th on PPV as well as a host of other great fights at UFC 200 10PM/7PM ET/PT

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