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Emmy award-winning Mainstream Media Journalist Susan Cingari Turns Her Focus to MMA

Coconut Creek, FL (August 27, 2014) – Emmy award-winning journalist Susan Cingari, who has been a mainstream media writer, reporter, host and producer for nearly two decades, recently turned her focus to mixed martial arts (MMA). Today she proudly announces the launch of, a visual media news site dedicated to the sport of MMA. The site features in-depth video interviews with many of the industry’s elite. Cingari also plans to contribute exclusive MMA content to other reputable news outlets in an effort to generate maximum visibility for the fighters that she interviews.

Cingari’s long-standing working relationships with top-tier sports and mainstream media outlets such as Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, EXTRA, Lifetime, CNN, Inside Edition, Fox News, CBS, FOX Sports, BBC (and many others) translate into unparalleled visibility. In a very short period of time Cingari has successfully garnered notable media attention for numerous fighters, gyms and MMA promotions.

As an MMA Reporter, Cingari aims to shine a light on deserving combat sports athletes and fight organizations in an effort to elevate their brand not only in the MMA realm, but also within mainstream media channels. For more information on her impressive mainstream media background, including an extensive list of athletes and celebrity’s she has worked with, please visit

Cingari connects with athletes on a personal level during her in-depth interviews. She produces features that tend to ‘humanize’ the fighter in hopes to connect with fans that are new to the sport, as well as MMA’s growing female demographic. Here is what Cingari had to say about turning her focus to MMA.

“I’ve noticed that most of the stories out there are geared towards the ‘hard core’ fight fan. While I can do pre and post fight interviews (and do report on these on a regular basis), I feel many viewers are missing out on getting to know “the fighter as a person”, Cingari stated. ‘My goal is to change that and introduce viewers to the untold stories in mixed martial arts, stories that will impact the audience in a positive and uplifting manner. It is my hope that by doing these special features more people will fall in love with the sport and be as excited as I am to be a part of it.”

One of Cingari’s most recent mixed martial arts features highlights a unique MMA program for the visually impaired. The children’s summer program, created by Master Ricardo Liborio, is offered at the American Top Team facility in Coconut Creek, Florida. During the in-depth interview, Liborio discusses how his daughter, who lost her eye site at a very young age, was the inspiration for the program.