Today’s #UFC200 Pre-Fight Press Conference – Does Not Disappoint

Fans and journalists alike packed the KA Theatre at MGM Grand today for the UFC 200 pre-fight press conference ahead of what is being billed as the biggest show in UFC history.

As expected Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier seemed ready to throw down right there. The star of the show was Brock Lesnar who displayed his usual charisma and charm while fielding a barrage of questions.

Watch Cormier vs Jones and Lesnar vs Hunt -Saturday July 9th on PPV as well as a host of other great fights at UFC 200 10PM/7PM ET/PT

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ATTENTION UFC FANS! It’s almost time for Dos-Anjos VS. Alvarez

In the first of 3 action packed nights of UFC fights and for the hard core MMA fan who is keeping count, that’s a whopping 36 fights over a 3 day span, we have Dos-Anjos vs Alvarez.

Dos-Anjos is one of a few UFC legends that have held the Lightweight Belt the others titleholders include Frankie Edgar, Bj Penn, Sean Sherk and Jens Pulver.

But former Bellator Champ Eddie Alvarez feels rejuvenated and ready to go since he’s back at his old training camp working with striking coach Mark Henry.

In case you were wondering what the fighters had to say about their upcoming match up. We’ve rounded up some of the best quotes for you.

Rafael Dos-Anjos: I’m excited and confident in the training that I’ve been, you know, all my work, you know. I been training so hard. I feel that I’ve been proving a lot, and I still have a lot to improve. I just feel that I’m so confident because I feel that I have more weapons than Alvarez. He’s a tough guy. He’s a tough opponent, but I just feel it’s my time.

Eddie Alvarez: I really don’t go into fights with expectations. The only thing I really expect is that when things happen, I’ll move correctly and do the right thing. Like Dos Anjos I haven’t, I didn’t finish my last two fights, but I’m a finisher. I have a high finishing ratio and I feel like he feels a bit confident in his stand-up and this could hurt him. I feel like I can catch him if he gets over-aggressive and it can go bad quickly. So this is going to be highly explosive, violent from the very beginning.

Rafael Dos-Anjos: I have twenty-five minutes to fight, you know. I will be patient, but throwing hard punches always, you know. If I can get the finish before, I will, like I always go. I’m looking for the finish always. But, you know, I’m training for all situations, and like I said, I need to be patient, I have twenty-five minutes to fight but if I have an opportunity to finish, I will take advantage of it.

Eddie Alvarez: I think Rafael, out of everyone I’ve fought, is the most complete fighter. When I look and watch him fight, it’s hard not to be sort of a fan. He does things quickly, violently. I like the way he fights. It’s the kind of fight that I welcome. I like when guys are aggressive, I like when guys are mean and violent. It gets me excited, and it makes me move in ways, always that—I always fight up when I fight guys.

You can catch Dos-Anjos vs Alvarez  July 7, 2016 starting at 10PM est /7PM pst and can be seen on Fight Pass.

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