Tito Ortiz On Stephan Bonnar & Justin McCully Full Episode

MustLoveMMA’s.com Susan Cingari caught up with UFC Hall Of Famer Tito Ortiz as he talks about the Stephan Bonnar – Justin McCully incident. Find out why this fight has become so personal and why he is out for blood when it comes to Bonnar

Tito also talk about his plans to fight Rampage Jackson. Will he retire after his contract is up with Bellator?

How does he want to be remembered and what does he want to do when he does stops fighting?

Also Tito answers your fan questions and talks about living in a haunted house, yes folks he believes in ghosts and you may too after you hear him describe his frightening encounter.

Also we discuss his book “This Is Going To Hurt The Life Of A Mixed Martial Arts Champion”, it’s a must read for MMA Fans.

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