Media Call: UFC’s Holm vs Shevchenko & UFC 201 Lawler vs. Woodley

Two major UFC events still remain in July starting with UFC Fight Night: Holm vs. Shevchenko on Saturday, July 23 and UFC 201: Lawler vs. Woodley one week later on Saturday, July 30.

Holly (The Preachers Daughter“) Holm, is the No. 2 UFC bantamweight contender. She is a professional boxer and kickboxer and is the first person to win championships in both boxing and martial arts. She is highly regarded as one of the best female fighters in the world. The 5’8″ southpaw quickly rose to fame after capturing the division’s title from Ronda Rousey in 2015, however Holm lost the belt to Miesha Tate in  her first ever career loss.

Russian born Valentina Shevchenko, nicknamed, “The Bullet”, began training at the age of five. Shevchenko is a decorated Muay Thai Fighter and kickboxer.   A fierce competitor she has won many titles such as the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur World Championships and World Muaythai Council  and is known for her precision, calculated striking and clinch work. Shevchenko most recently fought Amanda Nunes on March 5, 2016 at UFC 196 but lost the fight by unanimous decision. No stranger to competition  Shevchenko has a 56-2 professional record  Muay Thai/K-1  and has defeated Joanna Jędrzejczyk and Caley Reece. Look for this fight to be a chance to see some spectacular stand-up by both  of the ladies.

San Diego native, Robbie Lawler is a professional mixed martial artist and the current  UFC Welterweight Champion. He has been competing since 2001. He is best known for his 2015 title defense against Rory MacDonald, a match some refer to as one of the greatest world title fights of all time. He is a fan favorite and is know to leave it all in the Octagon. This fight marks his third title defense.

Tyron Woodley, nicknamed “The Chosen One”, fought in his first professional Strikeforce fight in 2009 and is currently #3 in official UFC welterweight rankings.  Woodley has a strong wrestling background and is a  NCAA Division I All-American as well as team captain of the University of Missouri wrestling team He also won the Big 10 title in 2003. Woodley hasn’t fought since UFC 183 in January 2015 so ring rust could be an issue. The two fighters both fight out of the American Top Team banner and are friends but will put their friendship aside to see who is the best welterweight is. Look for Lawler to use his experience and grit to grind out the win.

The four fighters had this to say on the UFC media conference call when they were asked about their upcoming fights.

Holly Holm: ” Valentina is definitely a seasoned athlete.” I do know it is just one fight at a time. I’m definitely thirsty right now, I want victory”

Valentina Shevchenko: “My focus is the fight.” and “This is my life, this is what I want to be. My destiny was to be a martial artist.”

Robbie Lawler: “I’m sick of the Fight of the Night. “I am a mean fighter. I just want to take people out and I just want to win!”

Tyron Woodley: “The difference between me then, and me now is that I’m putting everything together and I’m ready to take off! I’m just a mean fighter who is looking to finish people and do what I do.”

You can catch UFC FIGHT NIGHT  Saturday July 23rd, 2016 Holm VS Shevschenko at 8PM/5PM ET/PT as well as a host of other great fight.

Watch Lawler vs. Woodley on July 30th LIVE on Pay Per View HERE

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UFC 200: Tate vs Nunes Bantamweight Title Fight On The Line

Mixed Martial Arts fans can look forward to a spectacular fight at UFC 200 when Miesha Tate (18 -5) takes on Amanda Nunes for the Bantamweight Title Saturday July 9th on PPV

Miesha “Cupcake”Tate (18-5) has a strong background in wrestling and good standup. A pro for 9 years, she has seven wins by submission and three by knockout. A fan favorite, she’s on a five fight winning streak. She is former bantamweight champion for Strikeforce and has 1 Performance of the Night and 2 Fight of the Night honors.

Amanda “The Lioness” Nunes on the other hand is not a newcomer to the sport. She boasts a (12-4) record and is an aggressive competitor. A pro since 2008, she has nine wins by KO and two by submission. With 9 first round finishes and a 4 inch reach advantage and a 4 inch leg advantage over Tate look for Nunes to come out guns blazing.

The two fighters had this to say on the UFC media conference call when they were asked about their upcoming fight.

Miesha Tate: I think I’m definitely battle tested and I’ve proven that, so I have a great mindset, and a lot of great skills that I bring to the table. I know that no matter where this fight goes that I’ll be prepared. That’s what I’ve trained to do. Every single time that I fight, I’m prepared to go all five rounds, if necessary. But you know, I’m hoping to get these finishes out there faster and faster each time. So that’s my goal.

Amanda Nunes: I’m going to be ready for whatever Miesha’s bringing. Whatever, she’s going to bring it doesn’t matter. We’re going to be ready for her and take the fight. Taking the win is the more important thing. Whatever happens, I’m going to be ready.

Miesha Tate: Everybody seems to think that I’m going to win this fight, which adds a lot more pressure; even more pressure then there was before. You know, other people don’t deal well with that pressure. They just want to fight, they don’t want to have to deal with the media, and they don’t want to have to deal with us. I’m here to do all of it and show that I’m the best in the world. I’m doing everything and I’m really confident, you know in my abilities to deal with this because I’ve been here so many times before. I know exactly what’s going to go down, I know exactly how it all happens, and I’m very comfortable in this position. I think that I was meant to be the champion and I think my destiny will continue with a win on that night.

Amanda Nunes: I came out here early, you know. I’ve stayed here, I’ve been here these last two weekends and I’m going to be staying until the day after the fight. I think this is going to help me a lot, and right now, I feel very good, you know. Since the day I have gotten to Vegas, I’ve been training very well, I’ve been responding to everything, and I’m going to be ready for this fight. Saturday, I will show everybody, you know, everything that I’ve prepared to bring in that day.

You can catch Tate and Nunes Saturday July 9th on PPV as well as a host of other great fights at 10PM/7PM ET/PT.

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#ICYMI UFC Media Call Dos-Anjos, Alvarez, Aldo & Edgar

UFC’s Rafael Dos-Anjos, Eddie Alvarez, Jose Aldo, and Frankie Edgar on media conference call today!

Although there was what could be considered a great show of respect by all the fighters on the call today, it was not without its interesting moments.

When Rafael Dos-Anjos (24-7) was asked about his upcoming fight with Eddie Alvarez he had this to say:  “I can’t wait to get the win on July 7th.”  Eddie Alvarez (27-4) on the other hand—who seemed a bit philosophical and in a calm, almost zen-like state on the call—was more reflective. “Where I am is I want to fight the absolute best. We are defined by the people we fight.”

Watch their fight go down Thurs. July 7, 2016 at 10PM /7PM EST/PST on UFC Fight Pass.

In what promises to be an epic battle on a stacked , fighter Frankie Edgar (19-4) says he is a much improved fighter and is expecting “a highly motivated Aldo to show up in the Octagon.” Jose Aldo (25-2) commented that he was “ready for 5-round fight” but hoped to finish it much earlier, and said he has not given any thought to his previous fight with Conor McGregor.

Watch the UFC 200 Cormier vs. Jones 2 July 9, 2016 on Fox Sports 1.

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Tito Ortiz On Stephan Bonnar & Justin McCully Full Episode

MustLoveMMA’ Susan Cingari caught up with UFC Hall Of Famer Tito Ortiz as he talks about the Stephan Bonnar – Justin McCully incident. Find out why this fight has become so personal and why he is out for blood when it comes to Bonnar

Tito also talk about his plans to fight Rampage Jackson. Will he retire after his contract is up with Bellator?

How does he want to be remembered and what does he want to do when he does stops fighting?

Also Tito answers your fan questions and talks about living in a haunted house, yes folks he believes in ghosts and you may too after you hear him describe his frightening encounter.

Also we discuss his book “This Is Going To Hurt The Life Of A Mixed Martial Arts Champion”, it’s a must read for MMA Fans.

Thanks To Tito Ortiz. You can follow him on Twitter @titoortiz


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Tito Ortiz answers Fan Questons & talks fight with Stephan Bonnar reporter Susan Cingari talks with UFC Hall of Famer, Tito Ortiz about his upcoming fight at Bellator 131 with Stephan Bonnar.

Find out why this fight has become so personal and why he is out for blood when it comes to Bonnar.

Also Ortiz answers your fan questions. Thanks to Tito Ortiz for an amazing interview and you can follow him on twitter @titoortiz

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Behind The Scenes Of My Interview With UFC Hall Of Famer And Bellator Fighter Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz

When I first got the opportunity to interview UFC Hall of Famer and MMA legend Tito Ortiz I was excited, then scared. Being new to reporting on the sport of Mixed Martial Arts I had the misconception that Tito was a control freak who would probably never let me ask a question.

I was worried about this interview, after all he was a legend and while I had interviewed everyone from President Obama to Johnny Depp to Ron Wood from the Rolling Stones, here it was an MMA fighter who made me nervous, very nervous. It was not a place a veteran journalist often finds themselves and while I tried to shake it off I could not.

Being the crazy researcher I am I read his book twice and then proceeded to spend a full day reading every article and blog I could find on him. I must have watched dozens and dozens of old and new videos, as well as listening to every radio program he had been on. I became obsessed with his twitter, checking it to make sure I did not miss something. My theory was like a good girl scout I would be prepared and therefore I would not be anxious! By the time I started the interview, I felt more like a beginner than an expert in my field.

Those who know me and have worked with me in TV would have been shocked, I was sweating as he answered the phone looking more like the anchor Aaron Altman famously portrayed by actor Albert Brooks in the 1987 movie “Broadcast News”. In true Cingari style, I am known to be brutally honest, many a television cameraman would say it is a trait that endears me to the person I am interviewing as it makes me look real and this interview was no exception.

So here is how I started my interview with Tito… “I read your book it says you get emotional sometimes before you fight. I’m not sure if I should throw up or cry, you are a big name in MMA” and then I put my hand over my mouth and stopped abruptly. Like a judge had silenced me in a crowded courtroom, embarrassed and ashamed that I had blurted out what was clearly unprofessional, I expected him to hang up. What did he do? He laughed loudly a big laugh! Tito was laughing, then I started laughing and the journalist mode kicked in, I was off and running.

I now see why people adore him, fans worship him and fighters fear him. He is tough, but soft, a complex sort of guy. Inside I think he is like many of us we just want to be loved by the masses to some degree, hey I hope you like this story?

His candid interview was a breath of fresh air; he was not what I had thought at all. He was honest and above all his values were simple: respect, honor and to provide for his kids a better life. When I asked him how he wanted to be remembered his response was clear:

“I’d like to be remembered as a person who always gave back, no matter what the pros and cons were. Help the sport of MMA to grow what it is today. Always helped others, not stepping on people to get ahead. To be honest, loyal, a hard worker, someone who’s been dedicated through his whole career, 17 years, and no matter what injuries. Whatever sidetracked me I kept focused and to take care of my family.”

“Just to be honest, to be as honest as possible. I’m a real person who’s worked hard and who’s pushed through so many challenges in life that I’ve been successful. I know of people who’ve had the same type of challenges and who couldn’t succeed, just because they didn’t have any self-gratification or self-fulfillment knowing they could do it. I went through so many of those things in my own life that I just never stopped believing. I just never said No, there is never quit in my whole life. I just always strive to better myself each and every day. Every day I woke up I said, What can I do to better myself today? Even if it’s just helping somebody out, or just pushing myself to the next level.”

Of course I asked him about Bonnar, remember I spent the whole day researching the subject and I knew this was a hot button so to speak. When he answered me you could hear it in his voice he was hurt:

“When he talks about my family, he talks about my fans. I take that very personally. My fans have been there with me since the beginning. Seventeen years of competitions and my fans have watched me lose, and watched me win, and watched me win World Titles.”

“They’ve seen the ups and downs through a lot of relationships that I have had. When someone talks about my family, that’s where the lines are crossed. I grabbed the microphone, and I tried to say something, and I was so angry, it was just like, I don’t know, if you’ve seen the movie Popeye when Brutus blinked his eyes and saw complete red. That’s what I saw, I saw complete red and I just … and I had to put my hands on him, and I had to shove him or do something.”

In the end he is Tito Ortiz, love him or hate him, he is a powerful force to be reckoned with and while to some he may seem to be larger than life, this reporter found him to be all about life and speaking the truth.

You can catch my 3 audios interview with Tito here

Part 1:
Part 2:

Part 3:
And check out the full Audio here:
My thanks to UFC Hall of Famer,Tito Ortiz. You can follow Tito on Twitter @titoortiz

You can see Bellator 131 on November 15, 2014

Light Heavyweight Feature Fight: Tito Ortiz (17-11) vs. Stephan Bonnar (15-8)
Lightweight Feature Fight: Michael Chandler (12-2) vs. Will Brooks (14-1)
Light Heavyweight Feature Fight: King Mo (13-4) vs. Joe Vedepo (17-8)


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