[VIDEO] Valhalla MGL Brings Modern Gladiators to MMA

Valhalla MGL – Modern Gladiators battle with swords, battle axe, mace and shield,  fighting MMA style inside a steel cage in this new combat sport. Fighters punch, kick and grapple with weapons. Win by KO, submission or 10 point must system.

Histories of Europe and Japan show military tournaments were used by Vikings, Romans and Samurai long before the knights of the medieval period. Blood sports are a long tradition for many cultures. Gladiators entertained the populace in the Coliseum even after the fall or Rome. Kings fought for thrones, but a Gladiator fought in the game for honor.

MGL’s debut event, VALHALLA I will take place Sept. 30, 2017 in Monterey, California. Tickets are available from Eventbrite.

Valhalla’s website, http://www.valhallamgl.com features event and fighter information, behind the scenes video footage, fight clips, and live interaction with Valhalla fighters.

Valhalla MGL (Modern Gladiatorial League) is the amalgamation of historical re-enactment combat (SCA, ACL, HMB, HEMA) and MMA mixed martial arts (UFC, BELLATOR), combining Eastern and Western fight disciplines into one professional gladiator organization. Valhalla MGL is full contact fighting, where contests are determined by knock out, tap out or time out (scorecard). Combatants use sword and shield strikes to score points, grappling to attempt submissions, with kicks and pommel punches to gain tactical advantage.

Valhalla MGL consists of 6 weight divisions, drawing top fighters in the tradition of true gladiatorial combat with championships setup in a series of bracketed single elimination tournaments, leading to a final championship round. Fights are promoted throughout the United States in public arenas, civic auditoriums, casinos and sports complexes with ticketed audiences ranging from 1500-14,500 attendees.

Valhalla MGL allows fans the vicarious spectacle of organized violence to escape the struggles and banality of everyday life while embracing the romantic fantasy of knights in shiny armor. Our fans want to see exceptional displays of skill, strategy, character and aggression played out in the arena, but they also marvel at the history, beauty and artistic craftsmanship of the weaponry and armor.

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