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Burt Watson on why MustLoveMMA.com's Susan Cingari is an Outstanding MMA Reporter

“Susan Cingari is a true professional in her journalism work. For decades, I have been interviewed by various journalists, but few demonstrate such an array of sports knowledge that also combines a deep and genuine passion for MMA. Susan is easy to talk with. She engages with me in an authentic way that makes our interviews together a real pleasure. Susan has amassed quite an impressive fan base and judging by the quality content that she produces it will only grow larger.”

– Ken Shamrock

“I remember when Susan Cingari came into my office to introduce herself a few years ago, she was just starting in the business and her passion for MMA was over the top. She did not ask us for any interviews she drove down specifically to meet us and see what she could do to help us. More reporters should be like her in my opinion she’s one of the best in the business.”

– Malki Kawa, President, First Round Management

When assembling my list of interviews for an upcoming event, Susan’s name goes to the top of my list of media that I want my fighters on with. Susan is tremendously professional and easy to work with. Her greatest strength is getting the fighters to open up about the “human interest” story that is within them. Those are by far more compelling stories to be told than the standard fighter interviews. The fighters and promoters/owners that I assign to interviews with Susan always come away impressed by her, and the end results of her work are some of the best interviews that we are able to use to promote our events and our athletes.

– Scott Zerr Media Relations Manager for Lion Fight Promotions & Victory Fighting Championship

“I Love Susan! She’s a very hard-working professional that really knows how to think on her feet. We have worked together on location covering breaking news as well as in the celebrity news arena. I’ve seen Susan do her thing to get us in the door when others would have taken “No” for an answer. People open up to her, famous and not so famous. She knows how to get the story. People like her. I would work for Susan anytime!”

– Vincent Lugo, Expert EVS and Camera Operator.

“Susan is always the one to turn to. She seems to know things before they’re happening. She is always up on what’s going on and the consummate professional. She is a pleasure to work with. She aims to please and always does.”

– Bonnie Tiegel, Senior Producer Entertainment Tonight/The Insider CBS Radford Studios.

“Love your smarts and sense of humor and experience behind and in front of the camera”

– @markicostello, Become a Host.

“Susan Cingari is one of those rare television professionals who understand what it means to “produce”. From initial concept, to execution, to delivery of materials and follow-up, Susan is a self-starter who you can trust with jobs of any size. I hired Susan for some of the toughest location shoots for Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. Susan managed her own team of professionals and worked seamlessly with my own team. I introduced her to the staff at CBS, which she promptly won over and turned into a long and lucrative relationship. I would recommend Susan for any job that requires a seasoned, experienced, knowledgeable, and motivated producer or journalist.”

– Canaan Rubin, Founder & CEO – A-List Content.