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Bare Knuckle FC Tryouts Highlights & News with Susan Cingari

Bare Knuckle Boxing host Susan Cingari recaps the BKFC Tryouts in Park City, Floridia. Also check out the bare knuckle boxing training highlights from some of the stand-out fighters. If you’re interested in trying out for the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships be sure to reach out toe Nate Shook (BKFC Matchmaker) on Instagram at: […]

NEW BKFC Fighter – Brandon Lambert Interview

Bare Knuckle News host Susan Cingari speaks to NEWLY signed BKFC Fighter: Brandon “Malo” Lambert. Brandon shares his excitement and plans for fighting in the BKFC and already has a long list of fighters he’s ready to take on… including Bare Knuckle Fighting Legend: Luis Palomino. We can’t wait for Brandon Lambert to make his […]

BKFC Team Member Kevin Smith Breaks-down BKFC Tryouts

Bare Knuckle News host Susan Cingari speaks to BKFC Team Member Kevin Smith on the success of the Bare Knuckle FC Tryouts last weekend. #bkfc #bareknuckleboxing #bareknucklefc #bkfctryouts Here’s a breakdown of what Kevin Smith had to say… 00:08 – 00:30 The Huge Turnout For BKFC Tryouts 00:31 – 00:50 The Quality of The Bare […]

BKFC Tryouts With Matchmaker Nate Shook

The BKFC Tryouts this weekend were insane!!! Over 40 bare knuckle fighters came out to Plant City, FL to try out for the fastest growing combat sport in the world… Bareknuckle Boxing. I catch-up with BKFC Matchmaker Nate Shook on who he is going to award contracts to for the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships. What […]

Lorenzo Hunt At BKFC Tryouts – “You Gotta Be A Psycho!”

Bare Knuckle News host Susan Cingari speaks to The Juggernaut – Lorenzo Hunt at the BKFC Tryouts today in Park City, FL. Lorenzo Hunt, who was at the first BKFC Tryouts shares his thoughts on what it takes to be a great Bare Knuckle Boxer, and in his words, “You Gotta Be a Psychopath” to […]

BKFC Fighter – Dimitri Angelini Interview

Must Love MMA host Susan Cingari speaks to Dimitri Angelini from Italy who is ready to take over the Bareknuckle Boxing World! Find out during the interview with this rising star Dimitri Angelini. We learn about his family, his career and how he is preparing to fighting in BKFC. Thanks to Dimitri Angelini for interviewing […]

BKFC Fighters New Years Resolution

Bare Knuckle News and Must Love MMA host Susan Cingari speaks to some of the BKFC fighters about their plans and resolutions for 2021. Most of the BKFC fighters just want to keep living the “fighter’s lifestyle”, training hard, fighting for BKFC and being a strong influence for their families and community. We look forward […]

BKFC 15 Recap | Epic Night Of Bare Knuckle Fights

BareKnuckle News host Susan Cingari recaps the BKFC 15 fight card and boy was it a banger, most of the fights did not go the distance and the ones that did were spectacular. In the headline event of BKFC 15, Sam Shewmaker made short work of Bobo O’Bannon to cruise through to a heavyweight title […]

BKFC 15 | Clay Teel on being first ever bare knuckle boxing ring boy

Must Love MMA host Susan Cingari speaks to Clay Teel, who made history at BKFC 15, where he debuted as the promotion’s (and sport’s!) first ever Ring Boy. Teel talks about the experience, how he came to get such a prestigious position, and if we’re likely to see him again in the squared circle. Don’t […]

BKFC 15 | David Feldman on fights, BKFC 16, Yoel Romero, Ariel Helwani, and more!

Must Love MMA host Susan Cingari speaks to David Feldman, who recaps the BKFC 15 fight night and tells us which fights — and fighters — surprised him in the squared circle. Next, Feldman reveals who will be fighting at BKFC 16. Look out for Paige VanZant in the headliner, Dat Nguyen vs. Johnny Bedford, […]