BKFC 16 Interview: Joe Elmore on his Fight with Leonard Garcia

Joe Elmore Interview BKFC 16

Bare Knuckle News host Susan Cingari speaks to BKFC Fighter Joe Elmore who’s facing off against Leonard Garcia at BKFC 16 on March 19 in Biloxi, MS.

Find out why Elmore wants to fight Garcia so badly, what his training camp looks like, and why he loves the sport of bare knuckle boxing. Also, he breaks down his winning fight with Tom Shoaff at BKFC 12.


00:32​ – 01:05​ How is the training camp going on?  Have you changed anything up for Leonard Garcia?

01:06​ – 02:15​ What are your thoughts on Garcia working with your last opponent for this fight with Tom Shoaff

02:20​ – 06:35​ Joe Elmore breaks down his last fight with Tom Shoaff at BKFC 12 (round by round !!!)

06:36​ – 08:54​ Elmore’s calling Garcia out. Why do you want to fight Garcia so badly?

09:00​ – 11:00​ Why should Leonard worry about fighting you? Elmore shares the reasons for his determination to win and fight fiercely.

11:10​ – 12:48​ How do you want to start a fight? And what is your prediction for this fight?

12:55​ – 15:15​ What’s your mental game for this upcoming fight?

15:17​ – 16:20​ Why he respects Leonard Garcia as a fighter?

16:22​ – 17:47​ How have you changed as a fighter since your first  fight in Bare Knuckle ?

17:48​ – 23:08​ Any final thoughts and thanks to family and supporters, Joe?

23:09​ – 23:38​ Closing remarks by Susan.