Exclusive Interview: Mick Terrill plans to fight in BKFC USA – with Susan Cingari

Bare Knuckle News host Susan Cingari speaks to undefeated bare knuckle world champion Mick Terrill a.k.a “ Maximum Damage“

Terrill carries 17 titles, 13 world titles, he is a K1 Kickboxing world champion, Golden Belt Muay Thai world champion and is the lineal champion in the heavyweight division.


00:05​ – 00:42​ Susan introduces Mick Terrill

00:45​ – 01:35​ How did you start in bare knuckle?  Where do you see bare knuckle over the next 2 years?   

01:36​ – 02:33​ What makes a good bare knuckle fight to you? Any advice to new  fighters who want to go to bare knuckle?

02:34​ – 03:38​ Are there any fights in particular that make you hungry?  [Spoiler alert] Mick Terrill talks about Joey Beltran & Josh Burns

03:40​ – 05:07​ Mick Terrill talks about his fighting resume, his world titles and what displaces they are at.

05:08​ – 05:30​ You’ve managed to stop 90% of your opponents due to damage, is that your game plan?  

05:33​ – 06:04​ Terrill speaks about his style, the way he introduces uppercuts in his fights.

06:05​ – 06:37​ In BKFC you work the clinch which you couldn’t in the UK but you have a heavy background in Muay Thai… so do you think this will advance your style ? 

  06:37​ – 07:09​ You’ve never pulled out of a fight, even if you’re injured, what is it about?

07:10​ – 07:40​ Your manager Ian Morris told us that you never take out your gum shield or sit down between fights why is that?

07:41​ – 08:15​ Who are you training with?

08:16​ – 08:42​ How do you see yourself fitting into BKFC?

08:45​ – 10:33​ Which fight are you most proud of and why? [Terrill talks about his fights with Michael Quinn McDonagh and Danny Batchelder]

10:34​ – 10:50​ Closing remarks by Susan