PART 2 Exclusive Interview: Mick Terrill on his plans to fight in BKFC

Bare Knuckle News host Susan Cingari speaks to Mick Terrill, 6 -0 in pro bare knuckle. Mick went on to become the BKB heavyweight world champion. He also holds numerous belts in Muay Thai. A veteran of combat sports, Mick is a fighters fighter ….a man that was born to fight.


0:22​ – 01:20​ Mick’s response to video of Joey Beltran.

01:22​ – 02:15​ When are finally we going to see you in the USA? Would it be Florida?

02:17​ – 02:34​ What are looking to do the most when you get here, Mick?

02:35​ – 02:23​ What’s your typical training day? Mick tells about his training routine, his sparring partners and coach Buz Jones

02:24​ – 03:55​ Tell us more about your gym you’ve built?

03:56​ – 04:07​ Will you bringing your same team over to the States?

04:08​ – 04:35​ There was a rumor, that you are looking forward to trying some typical US meals, what is it and why?

04:37​ – 05:40​ Is it more important for you to be respected or feared? How do you mentally prepare for the fight?

05:42​ – 05:59​ Mick talks about fighter Melvin Guillard

06:00​ – 06:33​ What’s on your bucket list, Mick?

06:34​ – 06:57​ Sam Shewmaker vs Joey Beltran – who do you think is going to win?

06:58​ – 07:20​ Who do you fight for?

07:22​ – 08:20​ Mick tells about his family and kids. Would your sons be in combat sports?

08:21​ – 09:34​ What makes you such a dangerous fighter? And how would you describe your style? What range are you going to fight in the US?

09:35​ – 10:16​ Closing thanks and remarks by Mick and Susan.