Susan Cingari interviews Leonard Garcia on Joe Elmore fight at BKFC 16

As BKFC 16 is fast approaching, Bare Knuckle News Host Susan Cingari speaks to BKFC fighter Leonard “Bad Boy” Garcia as he prepares to face Joe Elmore on March 19, 2021, in Biloxi, MS. In this interview, Garcia talks about getting ready for his big fight against Elmore, his most memorable fights in the past, and his loss to Jim Alers and what he learned from it.


00:00​- 01:08​ You and Joe have almost identical stats as far as height and reach, how do you think you compare style-wise?

01:11​ – 03: 42 Leonard Garcia talks about how is training for the upcoming fight, the holes in Elmore’s game that he can take advantage of and what range he is looking to fight him at

03:42​ – 05:33​ It seems Joe Elmore and Leonard Garcia have been planning to fight each other for a while, watch a throwback interview with Elmore, and Garcia’s comments on that.

05:34​ – 06:35​ Do you respect Elmore as a fighter?

06:37​ – 09:06​ Tell us more about your stellar career as a fighter? What fights are your favorite and why?

09:07​ – 11:01​ How have you changed as a fighter since you first started in Bare Knuckle? Garcia talks about his reflections after fighting Julian Lane and Jim Alers.

11:05​ – 13:10​ Your manager Kevin Smith said he has learned a lot from you …what does this mean? Spoiler alert: based on a past fight with Jim Alers.

13:11​ – 14:42​ Any closing thoughts Leonard Garcia? Closing remarks with Susan