Susan Cingari interviews Reggie Barnett Jr on Chop Chop Corley BKFC 16

As BKFC 16 is fast approaching, Bare Knuckle News Host Susan Cingari speaks to BKFC fighter Reggie Barnett Jr as he prepares to face Chop Chop Corley on March 19, 2021, in Biloxi, MS.

Barnett: “Definitely, it’s my legacy fight!” I’m the Cinderella man of bare knuckle.”

​ – 01:30​ What have you done differently to prepare specifically for a fight with Chop Chop Corley?

01:34​ – 02:15​ How are you feeling about fighting Chop Chop?

02:16​ – 03:11 Who will you have your hand raised? And do you respect Chop Chop as a fighter?

03:12​ – 04:00​ Do you think you have an advantage because you’ve fought bare knuckle before?

04:02​ – 06:52​ Is this a legacy fight for you then?

07:00​ – 08:22​ What makes you a fan favorite?

08:33​ – 10:45​ When do you think you will get a shot for a title then? What motivates you to continue being in a combat sport?

10:50​ – 12:54​ Reggie talks about his fighting principles – Jeet Kune Do.

15:15​ – 16:47​ Reggie shares about how he prepares for a fight mentally

16:48​ – 18:27​ Reggie talks about his Clothing lines “Educated Hand” and “Reggie Barnett Eaze-E” check it out:…

18:28​ – 23:39​ Anything else you would like to add, Reggie? Shout out to your family, friends, and supporters?

23:40​ – 24:29 Closing remarks by Susan