Vince Anderson – Goat Combat Agency on Jason Knight and BKFC 16 & 17

Vince Anderson of GOAT COMBAT Agency

Bare Knuckle News host Susan Cingari speaks to Vince Anderson of Goat Combat Agency.

Vince talks about the fighters he represents, about the upcoming IKon fight of Knight vs Bogguess, and fighters who will toe the line at BKFC 16 & 17.


0:43 – 03:28 About the upcoming Jason Knight fight at iKon Fighting Federation on March 5th in Biloxi, MS. Look out for updates about Jason in this part!

03:30 – 04:28 Who is going to be on the card at BKFC 16 from Goat Combat Agency? NoahCutter BKFC 16

04:30 – 05:10 Who we might be going to see at BKFC 17?

05:11 – 06:15 Training camp in Puerto Rico “Jungle Goat Camp”?

06:16 – 07:08 Any news on Chris Sarro? Any new fighter going BKFC?

07:09 – 09:41 How did you get involved in combat sports, Vince? A story about finding and growing Goat Combat Agency.

09:46 – 10:06 How many fighters do you represent right now?

10:15 – 11:17 Closing remarks, Vince? Thoughts and thanks. Call out for new talents!



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